What are the benefits over a regular sized ATV?

The Ripper does not have the power and torque of a full sized ATV but it does have other benefits which include a smaller footprint, much less weight, less noise, easier hauling, and less impact on the environment.

How large is the gas tank?

0.83 gallon

How far can it go on a tank of gas?

It can go approximately 40 miles on one tank of gas (4 hours at an average speed of 10mph).

Is it 4WD or 2WD?

It is 2WD.

Are the handlebars collapsible?

The handlebars can be pinned in 3 different locations: one for standing position, one for seated position, one for stowing the machine.

What type of brakes are used on the Ripper?

The Ripper uses a mechanical disc brake to brake both rear wheels.  The brake lever also has a locking feature that functions as a park brake.

Is the machine chain drive?

The rear axle is driven by a set of chains that are driven by the engine.  The Honda engine uses a wet clutch gearbox that allows the machine to be driven like a golf cart.

How many gears does the Ripper have?

The Ripper only has one gear that allows the machine to operate from zero to 13 mph.

What is the weight capacity?

350 pounds

How much can it tow?

The max trailer weight is 300 pounds.

How loud is the machine?

77dB at idle and 92 dB at full throttle.

How do I buy one?

We currently sell direct so you can call or email us to order one (531-500-5900 or info@rogue10.com).

What is the price?

$3,495 MSRP for the recoil start (pull start) model. The electric start model is $3,995. Both are available in red or black.

How much is the seat option?

The seat kit is $300.

How much is the camo option?

Camo is $250 additional and can go on either machine (pull-start or electric start).

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